Mila's Website


Week 1

During Week 1, I did video game development. I created the game Axolotl Run with my friend Naomi, but we never finished it.The game Axolotl Run is about and axolotl named Lil Bubba who tries to rid the world from monster dogs. There's also a secret the secret ending, Lil Bubbu has to fight aliens with his companion Seabunni.

Week 2

During Week 2, I coded a Sphereo. I made my Sphereo say "Ah exclamation mark exclaimation mark.", when it detects light. I also coded a sphero to be a fish. I also coded that Sphero to animate a fish with the leds.

Week 3

During Week 3, I coded with and Aurdino and a breadboard.I made LEDs light up using wires and code. I also made an RGB light, that lit up whenever you pushed one of three buttons. When my group was pulling out the wires, the LED started turning colors other than red, green, and blue.

Week 4

During Week 4, I created an app using RPG Playground. The app I made is called The Eeveeloution Quest. The Eeveeloution quest is about an Eevee who wants to evolve, but first it has to defeat all of the Eeveeloutions.

  • Eeveeloution Quest
  • Week 5

    During week 5, I made websites, and used html code, and Java.I also coded this entire website about me. Before I made this website, I learned how to color words, change text, and borders, and color them. I also learned how to use html tags to make titles and commands. Week 6 During Week 6, I continued working on my website about me. I added links to get into Axolotl Run, and The Eeveeloution Quest.